The Second Coming Of Christ

As we notice the events taking place around us in this world; an increase of wars and rumors or wars, economic crisis, famines, natural disasters, mass shootings and deadly diseases, many wonder, when will all this be put to an end. Is Christ really coming again? Let us dig through the sure promises of God’s word concerning His second coming and find out how we are to prepare for that time! Continue Reading

Is There a Secret Rapture?

This question has been confusing many theologians and others in Christendom; thousands around the world are in belief of a secret rapture. According to this view, the coming of Jesus will be in two separate events. First, He will come secretly to take His church to heaven, which is before or during the seven year tribulation period, during which the Antichrist is to reign over the Earth. Secondly, after the tribulation, Christ comes in an open demonstration of power and glory with His church. But nowhere in the bible can we support this teaching of the secret rapture. What does the bible reveal to us about this secret?
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