Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Skeletons, spiders, Jack O’ Lanterns, bats and many other decorations are installed. Blood dripping, dark spooky parties, strange occult chants, abnormal behavior, demons and devils throughout the cities and towns. Kids dressed in unusual costumes, like witches, zombies, vampires, etc. and go begging for treats from door to door, or cause mischief to those who refuse. Continue Reading

How can we trust God?

Every day we are placed in situations where we are required to put our trust in others. It is very difficult to trust someone we do not know or do not know of, but we do put our trust in them at times. Do you trust your mechanic, that they will do an honest job? Do you trust your manager that he will do what he promises? Do you trust your pastor, that he is telling you the full truth? The Easiest individuals to trust are those we know very closely, for we have many experiences with them, and know if they will fulfill their promise or not.
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Should a Christian wear make up and/or jewelry?

A frequently asked question, or I should say, a hot button in Christianity, whether a Christian man or woman becoming of modesty should wear makeup and/or jewelry. In this postmodern age, it is almost as if when you touch someone’s preferences, you do not have love. The church have gone into a state of relativism, rather than the self denial that Jesus speaks about in Matthew 16:24, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” We should not be asking, what is the least that I can do to be saved, but rather, what can I do to please my Lord. If it is not church  policy, but a biblical principle, a self-denying Christian should not have a problem with obeying a thus saith the Lord.

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