Is the Old Covenant the 10 Commandments?

“We are now under the new covenant, the old covenant is no longer binding. By this we mean, the commandments of God was done away with, and we are now under a new law.” Hearing this a million times does not make it any more right than saying my blue shirt is pink. It all boils down to what is the truth. But I do pray we can with one accord say, I believe in the Bible and the Bible only, for it has all the answers. Regardless of our biases, let us see what the Bible has to say about this important subject.
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Is It a Sin to Not Love Someone?

Is it a sin not to love someone? You don’t love them and you don’t hate them, you don’t wish anything bad on them you just don’t love them, is there a problem with that?
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The Second Coming Of Christ

As we notice the events taking place around us in this world; an increase of wars and rumors or wars, economic crisis, famines, natural disasters, mass shootings and deadly diseases, many wonder, when will all this be put to an end. Is Christ really coming again? Let us dig through the sure promises of God’s word concerning His second coming and find out how we are to prepare for that time! Continue Reading

Are Christians allowed to drink alcohol?

Wine or alcohol making is something which was done very early in history and something that is even more common today. Though the taste of some fermented beverages are not too pleasant, many are addicted to this liquid drug. Is drinking alcohol a sin, or does God allow us to drink in moderation? What about 5%? Though science has shown benefits and also risks of moderate drinking, let us go through some of the many bible texts concerning the use of alcohol to see what the Lord approves. 

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Jesus our Sabbath rest, did He fulfill the Sabbath?

The question has been asked, “is Jesus our Sabbath rest? Did Jesus fulfill the Sabbath?” Hebrews chapter 3 and chapter 4 is used to justify this teaching. Jesus our Sabbath rest is a concept which basically teaches that Christ freed humans from the works of the Law. Is this true? Let us walk through the bible to discover the real truth to this bible question!
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Why are numbers important to God in spreading the Gospel?

Many are constantly trying new and old methods of evangelism in their aim of winning large numbers of souls to Christ. Some make the quantity of people giving their life to Christ their motivation factor in spreading the gospel. The question was asked, how important are numbers to God in spreading the gospel? Let us briefly walk through what the bible has to say about this topic.

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Predestination- Has God Predestined Us To Heaven Or Hell?

The term “Predestination” is understood by many in to be the divine foreordaining of all that will happen, especially with regard to the salvation of some and not others. John Calvin interpreted biblical predestination to mean that God willed eternal damnation for some people and salvation for others.
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dinner at restuarant

What does Matthew 15:11 ‘Not that which goes into a man that defiles him’ mean?

A very common text is Matthew 15:11 which is often used to justify that the dietary laws for clean and unclean animals are no longer binding. Many have drank or eaten just about any and everything that can be consumed: octopus, bats, pork, frogs, lizards or even mice. Was the bible giving the license for the consumption of any and every kind of “food” when it mentioned, ” Not that which goes into a man that defiles him“?
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Is the ABC Resurrection TV Series a Deception?

“The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to return. An 8-year-old American boy (Landon Gimenez) wakes up alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. Continue Reading

What does it mean that Jesus is the first born from the dead?

The expression “first begotten of the dead” or “firstborn of the dead” has caused much perplexity. Let us walk through the bible to understand this sacred truth!
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